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Hello, and welcome to my blog. I've been casually researching my genealogy for several months, and decided to start this site where I can organize my research, share my findings, and (hopefully) connect with others.
1854 Ohio Railroad Map, Library of Congress

From what I've gathered, most of my family has roots in America going back to at least the early 19th century and, in some cases, the colonial era. Specifically, I have lots of ties to Ohio, with other branches in Tennessee, Iowa, and elsewhere. While this makes me jealous at times of others with more recent immigrant ancestors and their many cultural traditions, having a sense of personal connection to the different times and places in this county is very rewarding. I hope to learn more about my family tree not only to better know myself, but also history in general.

Surnames of interest: Albright, Anderson, Barnes, Bibler, Corfee, Cutter, Hartman, Irick, James, Keys, Medley, Moore, Parrish, Shaeffer, Shaw, and Stratton.

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